Don’t Poke the Lion – the conclusion

Part 2 explores the events of the Civil War and the external forces that have influenced it and why Lions must be allowed to mind their business.

So began the silent episodes. Insurgencies arose from the North and died down. But even the baby in the cradle knew that the storm was coming, and it was coming hard.

Read Part 1 of this article, found in the link below, before continuing further.

Don’t poke the Lion – setting the context

UNHRC recently suggested that Sri Lanka cooperate itself into an international-domestic hybrid Human Rights Violation inquiry committee, Ada Derana News Sri Lanka reported at 18.30 news bulletin. Clearly this shows how the West has its interests in providing a sustainable resolution to the so called allegations against the Sri Lankan military on its military expedition that defeated the Liberation of Tamil Tigers Eelam (LTTE) on May 19th 2009.

Added to the problems at hand, Sinhalese also started discriminating the helpless Tamil workers in social aspects. The churning lava was now out in the open.

Some progressive Tamil thinkers resorted into a more diplomatic way of sorting out the problems with the down south Sinhalese, but one guy called Prabhakaran had other plans.

Prabhakaran or Velupille Piribaharan rose out as a Tamil insurgent after he murdered 13 Sinhala policeman patrolling Jaffna in 1983.

In response the Sinhalese did the most arrogant act they could ever do, they turned against the innocent Tamils in the South who hadn’t even heard about Prabhakaran.

The misdeed was in the lethargy of the J.R. government to contain the uprising. He did not contain the massacre by deploying state forces, but instead used his Western ideology and remained silent in his presidential suite smoking a cigar.

Immediately this incident came into the light of the West and the fleeing Tamils who had a mediocre experience of seeing their loved ones being murdered, painted an eternal image into their minds and swore to stand by it; Sinhalese are barbarians.

Thereby the fleeing refugees later turned Permanent citizens in those European countries refused to forget the bitter past. Out of sheer anger and resent, supported terrorist insurgents headed by Prabhakaran.

Little did they know that it was Prabhakaran’s gameplay to get the Tamils massacred. If the Sinhalese had not replied with brute force, Prabhakaran would have become a terrorist in the eyes of his own people. Indeed some Tamil erudite, like Alfred Doraiappa payed the ultimate price for considering him a terrorist.

If you’ve watched Salt the Hollywood box office movie you’d know, best way to create a problem with your enemy, attack his friend and convince him that your enemy did that.

So, Prabhakaran started his movement. He was trained and bred in South India; a federal state which had superior military strategies than an ill-equipped Sri Lankan military whose aim was to protect the diplomats. Strike after strike, Prabhakaran won. His Indian training was adequate to defeat the poorly equipped Sri Lankan army.

The army again, is not to blame; it took a long time for Sri Lankan politicians to understand that Prabhakaran was not a politician but a terrorist. By then the damage was done.

LTTE were ethical enough to blast the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, brutally torture and murder young novice monks walking the village road for alms, blast the Temple for Tooth Relic; the most revered sacred religious institute of Buddhists, cold blooded murder of hundreds of innocent people including clergy, women and small children at Sri Maha Bodhiya, Anuradhapura, shoot down a bus full of pregnant mothers going to the clinic at the nearest town, at Kabithigollawa.

It is logical to understand, war means chaos. There is no war that was ended without severe casualties on one side. When the Second World War ended Germany paid a huge price than the allied forces. Thousands of German women are reported to be raped. Where is the justice to them?

Who bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Who killed Patrice Lumumba and destroyed emerging Cuba? Who made Saddam Hussain attack Iran? Who created the Mujahideen who turned out to be Al-Qaeda?

And look whose saying “incessant artillery usage, military based genocides and alleged rape” pointing their fingers at Sri Lanka.

It may be true that there were war crimes in the 30 years of desperate war. For god’s sake, it is a war! They’re not petting each other.

Both sides had their own problems to solve. Both ethnicities suffered enough. There is no need for the UNHRC to take one side and start a fire that’s subsiding every second, every minute. Instead of bringing up war crimes allegations and resolutions, they must help this poor island nation to forget that such a thing ever happened.

Look at Hunger Games; they created an event to feed the minds of Panamians that if you rebel out, you’re dead meat. But Katniss Everdeen did the very thing. You cannot heal a wound if you keep picking it all the time.

The Tamil Nadu faction and the Tamil Diaspora still have the 1970’s opinion on Sinhalese. They do not like to accept that Sri Lanka is a progressive country that can move over now. Because of this and narrow minded political propaganda, South Indian mainstream media feeds the Northern Sri Lankan Tamils a vague picture that poisons their minds through cable TV.

Time will heal the wounds, but we must allow time to heal. Separatism is ridiculous on this small country. How can you separate a country that’s too small to be separated? How can you dissect an atom?

It was always the attempt of the West to cripple the divergent. That’s what happened to Cuba. Collapse of the USSR and the Communist sphere along with Non Aligned Movement (NAM), devastated countries like Sri Lanka.

Problem persists. Solutions, nowhere.

So what can an innocent fawn like Sri Lanka do with a pack of wolves?

I say; be a wolf.

It is time for Sri Lanka to think like a single unit. When posed on the question why USA is so powerful over the other one of my friends said; “It’s a frickin continent and they all believe that they’re one country, they’re united”

Indeed. That is the exact reason. Sri Lankans must now forget their bitter histories and start writing new leaves in history. The South must provide sustainable solutions to the North and the North must abstain from using foreign pressure on the desperate South. After all, it was SRI LANKAN MILITARY VS TERRORISM not SINHALESE VS TAMILS.

However the UNHRC seems to be unable to provide sustainable solutions to Asian or African problems. They struck down Qaddafi, what happened? Syrian refugees flee into Europe via Libyan ports. Good for them.

It is time for the West to understand that a Katniss Everdeen is not far from being born in the East. You can whip the Lion, but remember he might get out of his cage. And on that day, there will be enough Lions to join hands and venture into the lair of the wolves.

Leave the Lions alone.

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