WHAT IF Clinton becomes President ? (No Kidding Sherlock)

In what I hope to be the second of many in our series of “What if “ articles , I plan on discussing the changes in U.S Foreign Policy which would have taken place if Hillary Clinton were President of the United States in 2009.

Clinton seems to be a lot more zealous when it comes to Foreign Policy matters compared to President Obama and would probably have been a tad bit more over enthusiastic in developing better relations with other World Leaders , hypothetically speaking of course in contrast to Bush and his “War on Terrorism” methinks that Clinton would have been less inclined at the time to display the patriotic prowess of the American Military against other nations except in bespoke conditions which would undoubtedly lead to victory and thus prove that America is the Ultimate Super Power. Her dedication to the image of the U.S being the Ultimate Superpower , reminds me of Former President Bill Clinton’s proclamation after meeting Benjamin Netanyahu in 1996 ; “Who’s the ****ing Superpower here?” maybe Mr. Clinton’s brash nature would have rubbed off on her in this “what if ?”Scenario.

How Would Clinton have handled the Syrian Crisis ?

When the 2016 Presidential Candidates were asked as to whether the U.S should take a greater responsibility in taking in refugees from Syria , Clinton stated that “a more robust policy” would be needed , she went on to add that this is not just a problem that the U.S should solve but other countries , namely Russia and China should play a greater role in combatting the crisis , she explains that this isn’t just a problem for the U.S or Europe or Syria for that matter it’s a global problem . Hillary would have won the hearts of many refugees ,placing her on a pedestal equivalent to that of Mama Merkel – as she campaigns to allow 65000 refugees in to the United States , in comparison to Obama’s decision to bring in at least 10000 refugees this is a major step forward on a humanitarian level , which in my eyes is a good thing .

But let’s look at things from a different perspective how would Hillary have dealt with the IS?

Based on recent interviews I gathered that her strategy would comprise of three main elements: (1) To defeat the IS in Syria , Iraq and across the Middle East, (2) Disrupt and Dismantle the growing terrorist infrastructure and (3) Harden our defenses and that of our Allies . Let’s face it the first element was anyway a given and pretty much the rest of the elements as well any President would have followed a similar approach. Unlike Obama, Clinton would have taken a more forceful approach against the IS – where Obama took time to pass new bills and take action against the group – Clinton would have deployed the full force of the American Armed Forces against the IS at an earlier point in time , stronger bills would have been passed , combat would have been deadlier. The war in Syria has already caused a lot of Collateral Damage, Clinton’s approach would have caused way more chaos and a lot more lives would’ve been lost

Maybe the IS would have been pressed against a wall much earlier –however the end result may have been much worse. That being said chances are we’d have experienced more attacks similar to that of Paris last month and forgive me for making light of a potentially morbid thought , the #hash tag ; Pray for ……… would have been trending on a regular basis on social media

Clinton and Russia

Earlier I mentioned that Clinton would have taken a more robust approach when facing the refugee crisis and that she would have gotten Russia’s and China’s help to curb the problem – now were she President how would she get Russia involved , she’s already poked the soviet bear numerous times in the past , comparing Putin to Hitler certainly isn’t the best way to make friends with the Soviet Nation, If Clinton had assumed office in 2009 many of her GOP allies would have realized their present fears that she would have placed the Bald Eagle directly in front of an angry Soviet Bear , the end result would certainly destroy the dreams of optimistic individuals of stronger U.S –Russo ties.

The Verdict

It remains to be seen whether Clinton would have been the better President during Obama’s 7 years in the Oval Office. Clinton would’ve favoured a quicker and more dynamic response – whereas Obama would have utilized a delayed response coupled with a less volatile reaction. When analyzing the different situations it’s difficult to say who would have been a better leader both Obama and Clinton would have their pro’s and con’s , needless to say were Clinton the winner of the 2008 Presidential Election the United States and the World would have been a different place .

To end this article I’d like to mention that were Hillary Clinton to come up on top at the end of the ongoing Presidential Election, let’s hope she would be as good a President as Beyoncé is a performer

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