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SAITM & Free Education: The Unbiased Story

The conflict between the state medical and SAITM students is one that has dragged on for 7 years. Yet no comprehensive analysis of this situation could be found. It is with this intention we embarked on a story which launched a thousand ships for 7 long years.

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SAITM & Free Education: Setting the Context

What are the points of contention between the SAITM and State University Students? Where can we find compromises between the parties? And in doing so what can the authorities do to solve the issue, hopefully without having to appropriate SAITM into the state sector ?

SAITM & Free Education : The Arguments

SAITM medical students are not the only Sri Lankans studying for a non-state sector MBBS qualification. They are also not the only ones paying for a MBBS. There are hundreds in medical faculties all around the world from Nepal to USA to Nigeria. Many seem to have forgotten them in the equation. If SAITM is to close, then foreign medical students will also have to be barred from entry into the health care sector. But that is no solution. Explore this through the experiences of a former foreign medical student.

SAITM & Free Education: The Forgotten Foreign University angle

The current public discourse over the future of SAITM and its medical students’ future has been quite unfair in not taking all aspects into account. The state university students have portrayed the whole thing as a fight to defend Free Education from the throes of capitalism.

Is this an issue affecting simply 2 parties? Does this mindset on education affect more than just the ones who are studying? More specifically, can it directly affect our economy? Lets find out.

SAITM & Free Education: The Economic Perspective

Money has been a hot topic of discussion during this conflict between SAITM and the government medical students, therefore it is appropriate to analyse this situation from a purely economic standpoint. The true economic impact of private medical universities being set up is far deeper than what it may seem at the surface.

We went a step further in covering the SAITM & Free Education debacle. We spoke to student representatives on both sides of the fence. If you don’t believe what we have written to be valid, here their stories from them. From the very students who have time and again taken to the streets to demand the authorities do what they believe to be right.

What do you think about this debacle ? Who is right? Is anyone right ? Do you think our suggested policy actions are suitable ?

Let us know. Let the world know, your informed opinions. Join the discussion on the Disqus forum below.

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