#NYMUN2016 – General Assembly defined by a chain of finger pointing

As the delegates are ushered into committee there is a buzz of excitement in the air; the first timers looking nervous yet hopeful whilst the senior delegates greet old faces. General Assembly 1 has always had a reputation for being the most competitive, boisterous committee; loud accusations, allegations and contradictory statements. As session began the pressure to live up to its name was palpable.

The icebreaker that commenced was highlighted by Israel’s wave to Palestine, but the easy-going friendship ended there. At 10:10 the Speaker’s List began with the delegate of Russia at the podium; despite his extended factual justification nothing could prevent the eventual clash of the Russian intervention in Ukraine. To quote the “triggered” delegate of Russia “the delegate deeply despises the words ‘illegal’ and ‘annexation’”. In consequence, another head on collision was the dual-accusation between Iran and Afghanistan; each pointing hypocritical fingers at each other’s state—sponsored terrorism.

Amidst these clashes, the committee moved into its usual flow; spewing out solutions such as restructuring governments, the definition of a failing state, proportionate and regional responses to conflicts to avoid another Libya. Yet, what was lacking was engagement and what prevailed was reiteration.

Maybe it is the new atmosphere holding back delegates or the intimidation from senior delegates with their extended vocabulary; but one thing is certain, there is room for improvement and maybe lunch would provide the revitalization needed to give GA1 its firepower.

Or will all the carbs of a Sri Lankan lunch put the firepower into a general slumber. Read our evening article to get a coverage on the proceedings of the whole day.

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