#NYMUN2016 – Meet your Chairpersons in a bit of detail


Been wondering who might be you chairperson for NYMUN? Here you can get know them in a bit of detail before walking into conference on Saturday.

In a previous video introduction to NYMUN we introduced to you the Secretariat of #NYMUN2016. Now we would like to introduce in a bit more detail, the Chairpersons of the six committees of the conference. Without these dynamic individuals running these committees conference would not be able to run smoothly. Because whatever logistical and financial the Secretariat pulls off to make the conference, if these individuals don’t run their committees well everything falls apart.

But looking at this list of experienced MUNers I highly doubt that ‘falling apart’ will ever be part of our conference review next week. I know most of these individuals personally, so trust me when I say you and your committees are in for some great leadership. The final judgement I shall leave up to you as delegates and to our conference review article next week.

Sweet Disclaimer – we at IntCa played no part in writing the chair profiles here. It’s their words about each others and about themselves. So if some of them seem eccentric, we played no part in it.


General Assembly – DISEC


Sam Smith

Sam has had chairing experience both here and abroad, as President of the Futuristic Security Council for SLMUN 2011 and chairing at the Indian Model United Nations conference twice as Chair of the IAEA and UN Habitat. In 2012 he was appointed Under-Secretary General of SLMUN.  Sam is passionate about all things automotive, which has since translated into a career in journalism. Having been shortlisted for the Sir William Lyons Award, and serving as Deputy Editor of a leading motoring publication, he went on to co-found Torque&Throttle Magazine, currently the largest circulating automotive magazine in the island.

Pramuk Kodithuwakku

Pramuk Kodithuwakku, often known as Promuk is an individual that’s known for his outgoing, bubbly personality and his loud laugh.  After all, who doesn’t love a panda? This MUNer is however not an easy person to mess around with; not only does he have several BDs in Sri Lanka, but he has quite a few international Best Delegate Awards to humble brag about. Delegates of General Assembly One -consider yourself lucky to have such an amazing human being as your chair.

Yashodara Kariyawasam

Yasodhara Kariyawasam is an LL.B. undergraduate of University of London and is also reading for her B.A. in Politics and International Relations. She was the Head of Press Corps in Sri Lanka Model United Nations 2011 and is currently working as the Assistant Communications Officer at the World Health Organization country office, Sri Lanka.




Rahal Wijewardene

Rahal Wijewardene is a Sophomore reading a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics with a Minor in Management Information Systems at the University of Tampa. He attended the Colombo International School, has won 10 awards since 2013 from 9 conferences and has been the President of UNHRC once before this. He has worked with the UNDP and the UNFPA in the recent past and currently mentors students at the UTampa Public Speaking Center. After being called upon to be a Presidential Advisor of the United Nations Student Aliance he has been appointed as the Inaugural Secretary-General for UTampa MUN

Vimukthi Caldera

Vimukthi loves reading, writing, discussing politics and munching on all things avocado. MUN played an interesting part in her life with this conference being her 8th. She has been both a delegate and chairperson at conferences in Sri Lanka and Hong Kong. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Human Rights and Democratization at the University of Colombo.



Saritha Irugalbandara

Saritha is currently preparing for her first year at the University in Aberdeen, Scotland where she plans to study International Relations, Legal Studies and Political Sciences.  Saritha enjoys a good book, the performing arts, sarcasm and spontaneous photo shoots of her pets.

Having started MUN on a whim, it soon became a passion. Five conferences and four awards later, it wasn’t long before she began her chairing career, serving as Vice President for GA3 at COMUN, she now takes over the ECOSOC reins as President for NYMUN. This will be her last MUN experience in Sri Lanka before the triple major life catches up to her!

Avinash Jayasekera

Avinash Jayasekera is a 3rd year medical student, studying in China. He has interned at Lanka Hospital and Army Hospital. Avinash has always displayed an avid interest in international relations and world politics, culminating in numerous accolades, including winning the Best Delegate Award at his university’s inaugural MUN conference. Between aspiring to be a surgeon and managing a 120kg max bench press, his interests include basketball, fitness, cricket, football and music.


Security Council


Sonal Sukith Jayawickrama

Sonal is a final year Business Management & Finance student at the Asia Pacific University in Malaysia and is currently interning at Digi Telecommunications. He was appointed the Secretary-General at the Asia Pacific University Model United Nations 2016.

Sonal has won numerous awards, including four best delegate awards during his MUN career in Sri Lanka. He has currently won three consecutive best delegate awards at university level MUN’s in Malaysia. He is also the winner of the best delegate award at the first ever Crisis Committee simulation at SLMUN 2012. He is one of the most seasoned MUNers in the executive committee, having chaired DISEC at COMUN 2012, the Security Council and Futuristic Security Council.

Melan Jayasinghe

Melan loves to have a good time, make new friends and loves his music and gym above all. He’s been in the MUN circle for quite some time and has won numerous awards and attended many conferences. As a delegate, his committee of choice was the First General Assembly, and he continues to be passionate about disarmament and security. This is first chairing experience, and he is definitely excited to witness some enthralling debate which is promised at the Security Council. He’s a fourth year medical student and aspires to put his knowledge to good use someday to make a change in this world.


Arab League


Hisham Samsudeen

Hisham has always had a deep connection with Music, with an eclectic taste that spans many genres and generations. Spurred on by his friends, Hisham decided to pursue a career in Radio, and is now a well-known personality on Sri Lanka’s airwaves. Having concluded a double major in marketing and tourism, Hisham is now part of a leading hotelier, whilst his other hobbies include meddling with bikes on the weekends. A product of Gateway College Negombo, Hisham started his MUN journey in 2008. He hails from previous Arab League experience: chairing the committee at SLMUN 2012, before being appointed Under-Secretary General of SLMUN 2013.

Minesh Fernando

Minesh Fernando loves gaming, reading, writing, and rugby. He is pursuing a triple major in Computer Science, Philosophy, and English Writing (with Honors) at Thiel College, and is currently interning at the Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute. Minesh has won twelve awards, including two Best Delegate awards, in two years at nine conferences as a delegate. He has also been the Co-President of the ECOSOC, President of the UNPC and President of the Head of State Summit on Terrorism. He also helped train his alma mater, which won four Best School awards during his tenure.


European Union


Mohamed Mahamoor

Mohamed is a passionate public speaker. He is entering his second year at the Sauder School of Business. He likes food and movies, and most often likes to pair the two during his free time. His goal for this conference is to inspire delegates to discuss and solve the assigned issues while being able to compile their ideas into one single document.

Celine Perera

Celine began her Model United Nations career at COMUN 2012 and won her first award at SLMUN 2013. She has been part of the Executive Committee of COMUN 2014 as the Vice President of the Third General Assembly, and President of the United Nations Humans Rights Council at the Asia Pacific University Model United Nations 2016.

Celine Perera is a second year medical student at the International Medical University (IMU) in Malaysia. She is a friendly, determined individual who wants to make a real difference in the world. Celine is currently serving as the Vice President of Medical Sciences at her university’s Student Representative Council and was most recently selected to represent IMU at the University Scholars Leadership Symposium 2016 held in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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