Greens go dark on Australia’s Same Sex Marriage Plebiscite

Yesterday morning (26/08/2016) an article came out on ‘The Australian’ regarding the same-sex marriage plebiscite. This, as outlined on various news platforms is a proposal by the coalition to allow the Australian people – the public, decide on whether to legalise same-sex marriage. This idea is unlike the coalition to propose as the LNP (Liberal National Party) and its supporters often voice their opinions against the passing of such legislation. Recently however, Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull, who has always shown support for same-sex marriage, has offered the new proposition of the plebiscite in the parliament. A move that should have resulted in the closure of the distinct parties of the Australian parliament ended with opposition from no other than The Greens party.

Surprisingly, The Greens voiced their strong opposition to such plebiscite due to the wastage of resources and money by the government. The Greens also suggested that this move could impact children with homosexual parents and result in bullying and discrimination against them. They claimed that the vote should be caste internally within the parliament and that it could even be decided the next day should the Prime Minister choose to do so. Although it is safe to assume that the Labor party will also side with The Greens, leader of the opposition, Bill Shorten, has yet to comment on which side him and his party will take in this national decision.

What The Greens seem to misunderstand is that Turnbull’s choice in the matter is extremely limited due to the core beliefs of his party. His efforts in attempt to bring the two parties together have gone unseen by The Green party. Their claim on budget holds hypocritical ground considering how often The Greens suggested to raise taxes or block fossil fuel usage and coal exports – all of which would cause detrimental harm to the Australian economy and national budget. It is also important to note that rather than playing according to Mr. Turnbull’s terms and raising the potential of this plebiscite accompanied with anti-bullying laws against homosexuals’ families, The Greens choose to completely dismantle it.

The Labor party claims that most Australian citizens want to see same-sex marriage rights implemented in Australia so why does the left fear a public vote so much? It is extremely disappointing to see The Greens choosing to oppose the Prime Minister and Labor even considering it for purely political reasons. It’s clear that they don’t want Malcolm Turnbull to be remembered as the man who brought equal marriage rights to homosexual couples simply because of the party he represents. This political game of cat and mouse has gone on for long enough. It’s time for the unification of parliament and finding some common ground to achieve true improvement of our great country.

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