We are a youth-run Independent News Opinion site which aims to deliver a unique perspective on International affairs with a focus on the Indian Ocean Region and an acute focus on Sri Lanka; our centre of operations.

What’s the Indian Ocean Region (IOR)?


The region consists of the countries that are found on the rim of the Indian Ocean. It is a diverse set of nations. Currently the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) exists among 20 of them for limited regional cooperation. But since they are divided among other regional groupings, cooperative action is minimal.

Why IOR?

Despite receiving very little attention as a monolithic region, the importance of the Indian Ocean Region is immense. It is home to nearly 2.5 billion people and a massive regional economy. It requires special attention as inter-regional cooperation intensifies, regional economies grow and climate change threat increases. Further the region is home to multiple conflict zones; Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Sinai, Iraq, Afghanistan/Pakistan, Myanmar.

Hence our refocus on the region as the pioneer non-governmental organisation to do so.

Only IOR?

This does not mean we will not work on issues in other regions. Any international issues that affect the Indian Ocean Region will catch our attention. Middle Eastern, North African, Sub-Saharan issues will affect IOR directly and so will events in USA, Europe and East Asia. However we will try to ensure that every article addresses the impact on the Indian Ocean Region through the issue addressed.

What about Sri Lanka?

Since our operations centre on Sri Lanka, The Pearl will continue to specialize on Sri Lankan affairs. However again we will try to connect Sri Lanka to the wider IOR in addressing these issues.

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We are an Independent News Opinion site which aims to deliver a unique perspective on International, Economic & Social issues with a focus on the Indian Ocean Region & an acute focus on Sri Lanka; our centre of operations.

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